how to delete whatsapp sent message

How To Delete Sent Message On Whatsapp

Delete Sent Message On Whatsapp: oh you send embarrassing message to your friends and relatives by mistake so don’t worry now with the latest feature of whatsapp you are able to delete message which you sent by mistake but there are terms and condition which is you can delete sent message only within 7 minutes of message sent.

I will show you step by step how you can delete whatsapp send message

How to delete sent message on whatsapp?

  • First you need to open whatsapp
  • Then go to the message which you want to delete.
  • Long press on message which you want to delete
  • After long press on message see on top of the screen it’s show dustbin icon click on this icon
  • After click on this icon it’s show three option which is 1.delete for me.2.cancel.3.Delete For Everyone.
  • If you want to delete message then click on the first option which is delete for every one.

Note: You can delete message under with in 7 minutes only.

how to delete whatsapp sent message
how you can delete whatsapp sent message after time limit

How to delete Sent message after time limit ?

  • First you need to turn off wifi,internet
  • The go to the setting and change date and time according to when message sent.
  • Open whatsapp and then select the message which you want to delete and tap on the message and choose the option delete for everyone
  • Then open wifi and internet and set time and date normally in order for the message to be deleted on whatsapp server.

I think in next update whatsapp will remove time limit of deleting sent messages .If want to know how to set and change whatsapp status click on the highlighted words.

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Final words: I hope you guys this article is helpful for you and you all resolve your queries


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